FitnessOne Is Not A Girls-Only Fitness Club

April 19, 2015
FitnessOne was founded by John Wheeler in Toronto. He wanted these fitness and wellness clubs to serve as a way for people to improve upon their health without having to spend a fortune. Affordability is a key component of what makes FitnessOne in Toronto so attractive to people from all over the city.

FitnessOne does not treat members like just another account from which to draw money, as so many gyms do. Far from this, FitnessOne treats every customer with the respect they deserve and seeks to help them achieve their goals, whatever they are. At some gyms, when you ask staff a question they seem labored to even answer it, much less help you to achieve your wellness goals. At FitnessOne, John Wheeler has sought to ensure that the staff is properly trained on how to help members to obtain the fitness level they want.

FitnessOne is not a girls-only fitness club, but it was designed with females in mind specifically. It is intended to meet their needs because so many of the gyms and fitness centers in Toronto do not. However, individuals of every race, gender, sexuality, and religion are welcome to join and use FitnessOne in Toronto.